Introduction to Green Jobs



Green jobs are defined as jobs that reduce the environmental impact of enterprises and economic sectors, ultimately to a level that are sustainable (International Labor Organization). This definition covers work in agriculture, industry, services and administration that contributes to preserving or restoring the quality of the environment while also meets the criteria for decent work, meaning adequate wages, safe conditions, worker’s rights, social dialogues and social protection.


Green Technology Definition by Sectors

Energy Sector

Energy Supply Sector: Application of green technology in power generation and in the energy supply side management, including co-generation by the industrial and commercial sectors.

Energy Utilisation Sector: Application of green technology in all energy utilisation sectors and in demand side management programmes.

Building Sector

Adoptation of green technology in the construction, managment, maintenance and demolition of buildings.

Transport Sector

Incorporation of green technology in the transportation infrastructure and all modes of transport.

Water and Waste Management Sector

Technology in the management and utilisation of water resources, waste water treatment, and wastes.


Green ICT cas be classified according to approach to energy saving efficiency i.e energy saving of IT equipment or entire society's energy saving by IT.


Diverse, locally adaptable techniques and practices that aim at increasing yields while simultaneously taking care of increasing return on labor, improving ecosystem services, reducing and recycling waste and ineffiency in food chains.


Applications of green technology in implementing sustainable forest management practices, conservation, processing and utilization of forest resources to sustain/ enhance the social, economic and environmental functions of the forest.

(Source: National Green Technology Policy)

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